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ROLBA LOISIR was founded in 2002 is specialized in the leisure industry and in particular in the design, creation and installation of aqua parks and theme parks throughout Europe and to some extent in North Africa and South America.

Our company now includes the ROLBA LOISIR, ROLBA RUN and ROLBA NAUTIC brands.

We are constantly working on the design of new attractions like the HALF PIPE™ which make us one of the first installation on the aquatic AQUABRAVA Park in Roses (Spain) this year. For this we have to study and specialized engineering offices in the field of industry and calculations on the movements mimic guy…

We are present in Spain, France and Morocco with a company in each of those countries using our expertise to operate all of the above brands. We have been able to respond to 'package job' contracts like the first aqua park in Marrakech, Morocco and the big summer luge track at Morzine in France or the renovation of the aqua park at ROSES in Spain (Catalonia) and the first summer/winter 'tubing' track at the Soldeu el Tarter resort in ANDORRA.

Our expertise and above all our technology mean that we can design an infinite range of water or dry sports facilities 90% made from glued laminated wood with a rot-proof coating.

Based on our experience in the Alpine ski resorts, we have now designed a new attraction called 'Family rafting river' where all the family travels along a river inside a dark tunnel representing an underground river, or a combination of open air ride and tunnel with circular boats seating 4 to 5 people. It can be used by all the family from the age of 5 upwards, fully clothed.

We would like to continue our journey with you in a number of adventures that will allow us to bring our expertise to future projects by accommodating your requirements and your constraints, providing your customers with event more exciting attractions.

We hope to count you amongst our clientele in the very near future!!!

Group Managing Director